Razer Stealth 13 – almost one year review

As always, I’m not updating my own site as often as I should. Something about cobblers and shoes? Anyways, it’s been a while since my last post about being back in the Windows world. Hard to believe it’s almost been a year – but seemed like as good a time as any for a new post.

This little guy keep soldiering along with very few problems – none that I can attribute to the hardware at least. Well, except for an annoying issue that the internal mic doesn’t seem to work -but I’m pretty sure that’s due to Windows, not the hardware – and I typically use a headset anyways on the few occasions I need it.

I have noticed the black paint coming off along some of the fairly sharp edges on the case. That’s about it in terms of it showing its age.

Windows on the other hand is… Windows. I can live with it, at least I haven’t been annoyed enough yet to try installing Linux. The WSL set up I’ve written about before has worked out well enough for the projects I work on. I haven’t gotten around to trying Docker out – after my previous experiences with Docker (on a mac) I’ve not been to inspired…

Having access to games has been nice in this new Coronaworld. I still manage to get online to shoot zombies in Left 4 Dead a few times a week, and I rewarded myself with a new game about a month ago after launching a new site. Space Engineers is definitely my kind of game. My latest creation is a ridiculously ugly mobile base cruising around the earth-like planet spoiling the landscape. Planning to try my first space launch soon!

Hope everyone is staying at home and keeping healthy.