WSL & LAMP part two

As mentioned before, I’m restarting my windows-based LAMP developer experience after a long sojourn in MacOS. This post is meant to look at where I am a few weeks in, and tips/tricks/problems I’ve encountered. I’ll probably post a review of the actual laptop I went for later.

All in all, the experience has been quite good. I have a full LAMP stack set up and running well, with very few hiccups. Right now I have it set up to run three different sites, two custom PHP and one that runs mostly off WordPress. All I have to do to change which site I want to just off of http://localhost is edit the relevant Apache configs and restart Apache.

I’m a vim user so I haven’t needed to install any big clunky IDEs. I do have sublime which I mostly use as a giant clipboard/notes app. Everything else lives in Trello or Google Sheets, or Slack.

I did have some odd issues initially running my linux terminal – until I got used to it. I just had to get used to opening new terminal windows from within the linux app. The only other niggling issues are that you can’t seem to split the screen (something I do very rarely anyways) – and sometimes when pasting a large amount of text within vim, there’s a slight delay. That’s all!

So, all in all I’ve made the transition quite seamlessly – maybe a day or so of lost productivity while getting everything set up and moved over from my old mac.

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