The End of an Era?

Yesterday I pulled the trigger on a new laptop. For the first time in about a decade, I’ll be using Windows again.

I’ve used Macs for work for most of my career – even going back to the bad old pre-OSX days.

I’m writing this on an early 2013 macbook pro. It’s still decent, but starting to show its age. Battery life is crap. It seems to run hot all the time. And I’m starting to run into cases where I need to upgrade Mac OS to update various software that I use. I’ve always gotten burned when I do Mac OS updates, so I’m always resistant to that. Very little benefit for much risk in my opinion.So, I need a new laptop. But I quickly ruled out another mac:

  • The new macbooks are crazy overpriced, as usual for Apple. I don’t think the quality is there any more.
  • I cannot stand the new keyboards, even if Apple can or has fixed the huge reliability issues.
  • The touchbar thing is simple stupid. Lose a perfectly good and useful set of keys for something that breaks, uses more power and is just pointless.

So, back to windows. And quite likely Linux, either as dual-boot, or something. We’ll see! I picked a nice ultrabook with a similar form factor to the latest macbook pros. My plan is to experiment with the new linux stuff in windows – and if that’s not up to par I’ll just set up a VM running linux for work – or dual boot.

Wonder if there will ever be another mac in my future… doesn’t look promising right now.

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